Why is your TikTok content never going to viral?

Every person who plays TikTok has a wish, that is, they can shoot video energy fire. The so-called fire in TikTok is high praise. Every user on TikTok can double-click on his favorite video to praise. Videos that are highly praised are naturally the kind of videos that win everyone’s favor, that is, the videos that have just been said to be fired.
Many people have a question about how people can get popular anyway, and I can’t get hot anyway. Let’s analyze this question today.

If you want to shoot a viral video, you have to make your video popular with everyone, but it can not be liked by everyone. It is impossible for a thousand people to have a thousand Hamlet in their eyes. However, it is still possible to win the favor of a small number of people by taking pictures of their own highlights and features.

Some people may think that a small number of people like it, but a small number of people here are based on a small number of all TikTok users. By the end of 2017, TikTok users have reached 700 million, not to mention the increase in the first half of 2018, that is 700 million. Even if a video is liked by one thousandth of the 700 million people, there are 700,000, 700,000 points of praise, even in a few hundred million. In the large-scale video of Wan Fan, it’s also a viral video. Ordinary people require only one in ten thousand, and 70,000 points of praise will be satisfied.

Then, the next thing is how to shoot their own highlights, so that this small group of people like, first of all, can not be some false gimmicks and vulgar content to attract people’s attention, or even if it is a flash of fire, eventually it will be deleted fate.

So how is there a bright spot? Take an otaku man as an example. When he brushes a beautiful woman with his TikTok, and the video sent by this beautiful woman does not have the point that he is particularly disgusted with, then this video must be praised by him. For this otaku man, the beauty’s appearance is his highlight. Whenever, beautiful women are popular. In general, the video of beautiful hairdressers is not a problem.

Typical representative is the warmth of the previous burst of viral, with a video burst in the underground garage tremor, rapidly rising to 10 million levels, and then banned because of the burst of bad life style, but this does not affect her burst of popular. If you want to try different way, you can get free TikTok fans without human verification with the latest TikTok Generator.

Finally, I would like to give you a piece of advice: after all, there are only a few people who can become popular in the internet. Don’t do anything extraordinary or costly for the sake of fire.

How to play with TikTok app and get popular faster?

If you want to become a great God in TikTok, you must watch and learn more. The TikTok creator usually sees a lot of content, draws inspiration from it, and discovers new posture of creation.

How to be popular

Users like to pay attention, TikTok user prefer to brush and save double-clicks, after brushing to interesting videos click attention, they will pay attention to many people, but will not specifically watch these videos. So popular recommendation can be seen by more people. What are the requirements of popular recommendation? The official requirement for TikTok is:

Requirements must be personal originality; to ensure the length of video and content integrity, video is difficult to recommend less than 7s, to ensure that the video duration to ensure the basic visibility of the video, the integrity of the content deduction has the opportunity to recommend, card in half the end is very difficult. Video with other app watermarking and special effects that are not part of smallpox stickers will not be recommended.

In terms of content creation, you can be an acting school. You can create songs and content by yourself and turn music into your mv.

Show talent, show different, audio and video, singing, dancing, bbox, skateboarding, painting, sports and fitness, etc., are fast recommended.

Outdoor video shooting light is good, scenery is the most important, plus good content

Pull up a small partner to shoot together, multi-person video is more exciting;

Participate in the challenges and meet the requirements of the challenges.

There will be different challenges on TikTok every day. Adding a good video to the home page will make your video more visible and attract more praise and attention from the same enthusiasts.

Adjusting the Release Time

Statistics show that the opening rate of TikTok APP is higher in the two periods of pre-meal and bedtime, with 62% of users brushing TikTok during this period. And 10.9% of users will brush in some fragmentation time, such as toilet, company road, etc. So for creators of tremolo, the best time to release video is between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays, or on Friday nights and weekends.

Make good use of flow pool

As we all know, TikTok provides a flow pool for every work. That is to say, whether you are big or not, and the quality of your work, the dissemination effect of your work depends on the performance of your work in this flow pool. The performance criteria of tremolo evaluation works in traffic pool are four dimensions: point praise, comment, forwarding and broadcast completion rate. Therefore, if you want your work to perform well in the flow pool, you need to mobilize all the forces you can mobilize to praise, comment and forward.

Focus on Video Content

In terms of content creation, you can be an acting genre, you can perform songs, you can play multiple roles and so on. As long as you can show talent and different ideas, you can quickly recommend popular.